Windshield & Broken Glass

In many accidents, windshields are cracked, broken, or shattered. At Lyons, our I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians restore windshields to the standards set by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

A windshield is actually two sheets of glass held together by an inner layer of polyvinyl butyrate. When the windshield is damaged, the polyvinyl butyrate holds the glass in place, which is why it doesn’t immediately shatter the way back windows or even side mirrors do.

A cracked or broken windshield causes serious safety risks:

  • It can blur the driver’s vision
  • Cause a deploying airbag to function incorrectly
  • Lead to greater injury during a collision
  • Prevents a passenger from being thrown from the vehicle if they’re not wearing a seatbelt

Expert Glass Repair

We can repair or replace any piece of automotive glass, such as windshields or side and rear windows, to nearly any model or make of your vehicle. In cases when the window is broken, we remove the shattered glass completely, and then carefully place the new glass to make sure the repair is long lasting.

The cost of auto glass work depends on whether the car window can be repaired or it requires a full replacement. Most repair works are covered by insurance, while auto glass replacements are subject to a deductible most of the time.