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Discover why Lyons Auto Body is Mississauga’s preferred body shop with insurance companies.

Repairing today’s high-tech vehicles requires training, expertise, and extensive knowledge of sophisticated equipment. At Lyons Auto Body, we take pride in our dedicated technicians who possess a thorough understanding of today’s advanced repair techniques. Every operation, from realigning unibody components to installing decorative trim must meet our demanding standards of quality. Our goal is nothing short of perfection. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired according to our exacting standards. Once repairs are complete, you can be as confident in your vehicle as you were the day you bought it. At Lyons, we are dedicated to achieving our goal of absolute customer satisfaction. We understand that it can be a traumatic experience after an accident. That’s why we believe that minimizing your inconvenience can only come from maximizing the service we provide to you. We offer the highest quality collision repair services and will make your experience as painless as possible.

We feel a great sense of responsibility when a customer entrusts us to repair their vehicle. Our Insurance Partners along with our Dealership / Manufacturer Partners trust us in the same manner. We work seamlessly with your Insurance Company and/or Dealership to ensure timely, quality collision repairs. We work together to get you back on the road in no time!

*All repairs completed by Lyons Auto Body comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car.

Collision Services

Lyons Auto Body is a family-run business and trusted name in the Mississauga, Ontario area for over 65 years. Lyons Auto Body will help you with every facet of vehicle repair during your time of need. Our highly experienced and certified technicians will repair any make of vehicle and our friendly personnel will help you through all phases of the repair process. Lyons Auto Body utilizes the latest in repair and production techniques to ensure every vehicle is repaired back to factory specifications and we offer customers our lifetime guarantee. Lyons Auto Body provides complete collision repair services to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Auto Body Repairs

Around half of all collisions result in frame damage. Because this type of damage affects the safety, integrity, and value of your vehicle, it’s important to repair the damage properly. Automotive frames generally come in 2 types: steel and aluminum, with aluminum being the newly popular alternative. There are big differences between working with these two metals, and shops that are not qualified to make aluminum repairs can cause serious harm to the safety and value of your vehicle. We at Lyons Auto Body have the ability and the equipment needed to meet the requirements for a proper repair job.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever had a temperature problem in your car or truck, you may be at risk of the heating or air-conditioning system shutting down unexpectedly. Malfunctioning heating and air conditioning systems can make it difficult for you to use your vehicle, especially on those hot summer days, and during frigid winters. A failing heating and air conditioning system can also cause more serious damage to your vehicle, such as engine failure due to overheating. Therefore, heating and air conditioning repair services should be taken seriously.

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Paintless Dent Removal

If you’d like to get rid of unsightly dents and dings on your vehicle without incurring the high costs of painting and refinishing, then consider PDR. This technique is not only more affordable, but it also saves you time, as it usually takes far less time than having your vehicle painted. Not all types of damages can be fixed with paintless dent repair though. The size and location of the dent are also factors taken into consideration.

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Paint Chip Repair

At Lyons, we can permanently restore your vehicle’s paint to better than new condition through the process of buffing and polishing. We perform ceramic coatings, paint correction, scratch repair, swirl removal, stone chip, touch ups, headlight refinishing, texture removal, polishing, clay bar treatment, sealants, and other paint related tasks on your vehicle with high precision.

Automotive Refinishing

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a quality paint job is also your vehicle’s defense against the elements through rust and corrosion prevention. Lyons Auto Body aims to get your car to pre-accident condition or better. In fact, whether it’s a scratch repair or a full repainting, our goal is to get your car back to you looking like new.  At Lyons, we use waterborne paints to prevent VOC gasses and also for a better final result in comparison to solvent-based paints.

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Bumper Repair

Your bumper is generally the first point of contact during a collision. Bumpers are designed to protect the vehicle’s structure, and our technicians are trained in plastic bumper repair to return these crucial parts to their pre-accident condition. our team meticulously performs the right repair for each bumper, and reconditions your bumper to erase any signs of dents, scratches, scrapes, or indentations. Many plastic bumper parts can be repaired, especially bumper covers, which are commonly damaged on a vehicle.

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Windshield & Glass Damage

A windshield is actually two sheets of glass held together by an inner layer of polyvinyl butyrate. When the windshield is damaged, the polyvinyl butyrate holds the glass in place, which is why it doesn’t immediately shatter. When it comes to windshield repairs, repair can only be performed on chips smaller than a quarter. When cracks or chips are excessive and unrepairable we recommend a full windshield replacement for safety reasons.

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is standard car maintenance that involves adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the manufacturer’s specifications. The main purpose is to let the suspension and the steering systems operate at their desired angles. Correctly aligned tires will reduce tire wear, and ensure that your vehicle travels straight and true (without “pulling” to one side).

Rim & Refinishing

We handle dents, bent rims, and refinishing so that you can get back on the road in no time. When cars hit a pothole or other physical road hazard, the impact causes deformation of the aluminum rim. If the front lip of the rim is deformed, then the customer may also elect to have rim re-painted or re-machined. Whether you need a wheel refinishing service or rim repair, our technicians are on hand to restore your wheels to like-new appearance and get them rolling again.

Dent & Scratch

Scratch and dent repair is among the most popular services at Lyons Auto Body, and it’s understandable. Scrapes, dents and scratches not only decrease the resale value of your vehicle, but also reduce its curb appeal and are very difficult to ignore.

Many times, do-it-yourself repairs can get messy and expensive end up looking unprofessional. Don’t worry! Trust our fully trained auto body painters and repair specialists, as well as repair estimate experts to get the job done right.


Car restoration is different from merely “fixing up old cars”. It typically entails taking an old car apart, cleaning, fixing or replacing parts, and putting it back together with the idea of making it the same as, or sometimes better than, it was when it came off the production line.

Stone Guard

Environmental elements, road surface deterioration and debris means your vehicle is under constant attack. Stone guard provides a virtually invisible barrier minimizing stone chips, protecting from minor abrasions, bug stains and ultimately protecting your investment while helping to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

24/7  Towing

Auto emergencies happen all the time: popped tires, car lockouts, roadside assistance, and emergency towing. Call us at 905-277-1456 and we’ll arrange for towing right to our repair facility.

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